Invitation for Book Review Leukaemia Unveiled

Book Review at Skoobs Theatre of Books 26 October 2016- JHB

Wow, I cannot believe it has been almost two years since Leukaemia Unveiled was officially published through Porcupine Press Looking back to that evening I can recall being so proud that I had actually published my book. It hadn’t been an easy journey and I had been turned down copious amounts of times by […]

Daine on the transplant machine

The Donor being really funny!

This is hilarious and proof that live goes on after such a battle with Cancer! The Bone Marrow Donor, Daine Wewege showing us his funny side. Just to think he was only nine years old when he donated his bone marrow to me. Enjoy


About fear, anxiety and panic

Fear, anxiety and panic about cancer A diagnosis of cancer is difficult to cope with. It is normal to feel anxious, frightened or panicky at times. How you cope with these feelings depends on The kind of person you are How advanced your cancer is The treatment you have How much support you have around […]

brused arm

Leukemia Symptoms- Please take note!

Leukemia is actually a group of different cancers of the blood cells. Leukemias can be acute or chronic, and people with chronic leukemias may not notice any symptoms before the condition is diagnosed with a blood test. Acute leukemias are more likely to cause symptoms. Symptoms of all forms of leukemia are related to the […]

My dad, John Wewege

Back to what’s Important

Sometimes to trigger a memory can bring back horrid emotions; ones that you thought you’d long forgotten. The brain works in a most peculiar way; allowing smells, feelings, sounds and much more to jog a memory and literally bring you right back to that exact moment. Well, in between the saddest days throughout my illness […]