How It All Began


  Chapter 1 starts with me still being in high school. It is written in present tense. As my eyes follow the words and process what they say, I cannot help but put myself right back there; to where it all began. I was just seventeen; writing poems and irritating my parents by rebelling against […]

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The Heroism of “The Donor”


To start this one off, i’d like to just put the word “Heroism” into perspective: heroism noun noun: heroism great bravery. “they fought with exemplary heroism” synonyms: bravery, braveness, courage, courageousness, valour, valiance, intrepidity, intrepidness, boldness, daring, audacity, daciousness, fearlessness, doughtiness, dauntlessness, pluck, indomitability, stout-heartedness, lionheartedness; Some are born to lead, and some are born […]

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Poem. For dad


The day you met me, you fell in love, Ten fingers, ten toes that was enough, You showed me life, the good and the bad, I rebelled, made you mad, The dreaded day arose where i fell ill, You could not protect me, you could just stand still, You watched me hurt, you watched me […]

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Finding and treating cancer at an early stage can save lives.


Finding and treating cancer at an early stage can save lives. Cancer that’s diagnosed at an early stage, before it’s had the chance to get too big or spread is more likely to be treated successfully. If the cancer has spread, treatment becomes more difficult, and generally a person’s chances of surviving are much lower. How […]

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Feelings about my book review…


I wrote this book while in extreme agony; without even knowing that I would live to tell my story. Now i am going to stand up in front of fifty people after two years of my books’ publication and do a review. My heart beats way faster these days, leading up to this night. It […]

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