Blood Tests to Determine Cancer

The very first thing that you need to do if you suspect that you might have Cancer is go for a FBC (Full blood count) AKA Complete Blood Count. Doctors will be able to pick up abnormalities in the blood through this test. For instance in the case of Leukaemia, there will be more white blood cells and less red. My disease was diagnosed through a blood test that was actually meant to test for low blood sugar. The test results came back within thirty minutes and I was diagnosed immediately.

It is not likely that you are going to just decide one morning that you think you have Cancer, it’s the last thing that crosses anyone’s mind unless they are currently being made aware of a symptom. It took me one misdiagnoses and an excruciating pain on my lower back to finally get the right diagnosis. Back then I didn’t even know what Cancer was. Nobody ever made me aware of it. Not in school or anywhere else. This is where it gets scary; If I had not gone for a second opinion, I would not be here today. The rapid multiplication of the “rogue cells” in my body gave me no more than two weeks left to live. This is why education and Cancer awareness is so important.

Sometimes, the blood test results will come back normal regardless of whether there is Cancer present; this means that more tests will have to be done for example: A Bone Marrow Biopsy. There are many signs that can indicate that you are sick. You need to listen to your body.


Signs and symptoms may include but are not limited to:

  • Bruises when you haven’t even hurt yourself
  • Getting tired all the time often even needing to nap at unusual times of the day
  • Night sweats and pain
  • Sores and cuts not healing
  • Abnormal bumps or lumps

A blood test once every six months at least could literally save your life. If you are a mother or a father and your children are having weird complaints about their health, don’t brush it off; rather get them tested to be safe.  There is no stupid questions to ask your doctor. If you suspect something is wrong, get it checked out. Even if you do not have medical aid, take a day off work and make sure you get your tests.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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